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Grant Request Guidelines

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The TIPS Foundation does not use a printed Grant application form.  To initiate a request, send an email to:
info@TIPS-Foundation.org  with an attached request.   

TIPS Foundation accepts electronically submitted Grant Requests in Word 97-2003 format only. The Grant Request document should not exceed 2 pages single-spaced.  Should we require additional information, we will contact you. 

All requests must be submitted in English

The request should include the following

  • Introduction to your family or organization
    • If a family,  include a brief description of your family focusing primarily on the family member that is requesting funding.
    • If an organization, include the year it was established; its mission statement, a brief description of the programs and services provided, the geographic reach of the organization, and the primary populations served.
    • Specific dollar amount requested should be articulated in the first paragraph of your narrative
    • Purpose of the request, project, program or services for which the funds are being requested, as well as a timeframe.
    • Describe the need for the request, project or program and the service(s) that are required to meet your needs, including the number of individuals served and frequency

    TIPS Foundation accepts requests at all times during the year and there are no deadlines.  However be sure to allow for plenty of time for us to consider the request.  Generally, requests should be made a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the requested timeframe.



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